Muthurajawela Marsh

Muthurajawela is a mangrove swamp at the southern end of the Negombo lagoon. Boat safaris in the Muthurajawela wetlands are a major attraction for holiday makers in Negombo. Numerous bird species can be observed. Crocodiles occus and large water monitors are seen quite frequently.

The marsh and of Muthurajawela is a sanctuary situated very close to Colombo International Airport, about 30 km north of Colombo city. The protected area covers approximately 6,000 hectares, inclusive of the southern part of Negombo lagoon, which covers 30 square kilometers. Though not covering a very large area, the mangrove swamp of Muthurajawela is Sri Lanka’s largest saline coastal peat-bog. Amidst the otherwise densely populated west of the island, Muthurajwela is a surprisingly untouched coastal ecosystem.

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